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Monte Hall always had a very colorful way of brokering the deal!

Below are pages featuring a variety of articles I wrote and other domain information that should be helpful to you.

  • purchase
    I was fortunate to be able to broker the purchase of for my client.
  • Geodomain buyer broker
    The story about brokering the purchase of a large non-US city geodomain.
  • Cuba Geodomain purchase
    This talks about the purchase of a Cuba geodomain that was "untouchable" since it was registered in 1996.
  • Country + tourism domain broker deal
    This page talks about a Cuba + tourism .com brokered domain deal.
  • Do not develop a non .com domain name
    This article features a .net domain development story and how it increased the value of the .com domain name.
  • Reasons to Own Domain Names
    Reasons to own and invest in domain names.
  • NegotiationTips
    This page features negotiation tips.
  • Travel Domain Newsletter 1
    Travel and Visit domains for sale and wanted
  • Travel Domain Newsletter
    Travel and Visit domains for sale and wanted #2
  • Hand registered domains for sale
    I registered just over 100 domains and put them up for sale in order to see if I could make a profit on hand registered domains before they come up for renewal in one year.
  • Creative Domain Marketing
    Creative domain marketing featuring over 200 different examples of major national brands owning and using non-brand domains in national marketing campaigns.
  • Domain Name Valuation Process
    This is my domain valuation process.
  • Selling your ad placement opportunities to direct advertisers
    As a variation of my selling-to-end-users process, I have developed my selling-to-advertisers process that first identifies qualified direct advertisers followed by work to contact all potential direct advertisers in order to present them with the opportunity for advertisement placement on your site.
  • Selling Domain Names to End Users
    This page goes into detail about how to find prospects for domain sales, screen them into qualified leads, identify decision makers then cold calling the prospects at target companies in order to sell your domain name to end users.
  • Older stuff
    Many pages of domain industry educational resources. Domain Marketing, Selling to end users, Reasons to Invest in domain names, Domain Sales, Domain Transfers, Buying, Parking and Domain Management