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My specialty is a domain buyer broker and I have assisted many dozens of investors, entrepreneurs and corporations purchase the domain name that was essential to their needs.

I am committed to my customers' and clients' satisfaction.

My priority is always the client first. I only work 100% for the buyer. I am never compensated by the seller in any way. A domain buyer broker can never serve two masters.

Call me to talk about the domain that you need. You will get personal service from me and not some new or inexperienced or random broker from a large brokerage house.



As a domain consultant, I am available by phone most hours of the day and weekends to talk about strategy, investment opportunities and risks in the domain industry. If you want an "uncle in the business" and need advice or feedback regarding your portfolio, business strategy, monetization, development etc., I am a domain consultant available for hire by phone where I will learn about your vision, listen to your questions and then offer you unbiased advice. Most consultations are less than one hour which is only $120.

I have posted a number of articles I wrote for my Domain broker blog for your education so you can see my reasons to own domains, why you should only develop on a .com domain, reasons to own domains, negotiation tips etc.

I own a small portfolio of industry keyword, direct navigation and brandable domains for sale sorted into keyword categories. All domains listed on this site are owned by my company. I do not act as a seller broker or list other people's domains for sale.

Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

Even though someone else may own "your" domain, you should always work with a qualified domain buyer broker in order to contact the domain owner and try to buy or lease the domain.

Unless you are SURE that you have full ownership of your trademark, DO NOT file a specious WIPO claim for trademark infringement.

In order to win a WIPO claim, you need to prove all three points below:

1. Legal trademark and domain name are confusingly similar.

2. Current owner has no legitimate interests in the domain name.

3. Current owner registered or is using the domain name in bad faith.

Seek competent legal advice because if you loose, you might end up guilty of reverse domain name hijacking with a permanent place in the Hall of Shame or on the RDNH list.

Thank you. I appreciate your time and your business. Contact me so I can understand your vision and help to get you started on the right path.

Rob Sequin

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

(508) 737-1654