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Negotiation Tips

Always Prepare for Negotiations

Make a list of what you want and don't want out from the negotiations. Then, prioritize your want list.

Know your "opponent". Write down what you think your opponent wants and does not what out of the deal. Then, try to prioritize his/her want list.

Make a list of what you are willing to give up but don't give things away too quickly. Make unimportant things seem important. Never give half way because then you have set a new lower level for yourself.

Make a list of your alternatives and your opponents alternatives. What is your "walk away" point? What is your opponent's "walk away" point?

Know yourself. Prepare yourself for the best case and worst case scenarios?

Know your opponent. What is their motivation for doing this deal?

According to John Patrick Dolan, the most commonly overlooked aspect of negotiation is preparation. People say "We're just in the negotiation stage of the deal." but there is no better expenditure of time than the time spent preparing to negotiate.

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