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Domain Buyer Broker Service

My specialty is serving as an experienced, professional domain buyer broker for my clients who wish to purchase one or more domains for marketing, development, investment or other strategic reasons. 

Let me contact and deal with the current owner of your target domain on your behalf. Let me use my many years of negotiation experience and domain industry knowledge to acquire the domain name you want. 

I have been brokering domains for many years, have extensive knowledge of this industry and a large network of contacts. In many cases I know the owner of the target domain enabling me to negotiate favorable deals for my clients.

I have helped dozens of small businesses, investors, start ups and publicly traded corporations acquire the domain names they needed to meet their strategic vision. I have the testimonials to prove it.

Call me to talk about the domain that you need. You will get personal service from me and not some new or inexperienced or random broker from a large brokerage house.



(508) 737-1654

How it works

Contact me by phone (508) 737-1654 or email so I can learn about your reasons for acquisition and history with the target domain's current owner so we can discuss the strategy, budget and urgency of acquisition. I will then research the following characteristics of the target domain:

  • Current and past use

  • Current and past owners

  • Search engine placement (if any)

  • Pay per click rates of related keywords

  • Keyword popularity

  • Industry analysis

  • Estimated valuation of target domain

  • Availability of complementary domain names

  • Likelihood of acquisition and many other factors as seen in my Domain Name Valuation process

Next, if I feel I can acquire the target domain within your budget, we then sign a short domain buyer broker agreement outlining the terms of my buyer broker service, our obligations to each other and maximum budget. I then plan my negotiation strategy based on our discussion, my research, current use of the domain and knowledge of the current owner and state of the domain market.

Then, finally, I contact the current registrant and begin the negotiation process. In many cases I either know the registrant or can network my way in to the registrant sometimes even when the whois information is privacy protected.

Domain Buyer Broker Commission Structure

No commission is due unless I can purchase the target domain name for you.

My commission is HALF the difference between the actual purchase price and the maximum budget as agreed to in the contract. For example, if the maximum budget is $5000 for a target domain and I can broker a deal to buy it for $2000, then the client pays the $2000 purchase price plus HALF the difference of the $3000 spread.

In this scenario, the client agreed to pay a maximum of $5000 but only has to pay $3500 ($2000 purchase price plus 50% of $3000 difference which is $1500).

This commission structure does not pose a conflict of interest between the broker and client whereas a fixed commission on top of any purchase price might entice a less-than-ethical broker to attempt to keep the purchase price high.

A low purchase price is therefore a win for the client and a win for the broker.

This is a win/win/win business deal and it doesn't get any better than that! The owner makes a sale, the buyer acquires the target domain for less than the maximum budget and the broker gets a reasonable commission.

Why hire me as your Domain Buyer Broker?

1. I have been negotiating the purchase and sales of antiques, art, modern furniture, collectibles and domains for many, many years and enjoy doing research, negotiations and win/win/win business deals.

2. My contacts in the domain industry reach to the highest levels of industry Players.

3. My knowledge of the domain industry is always current and has been since I started in this business in 1998.

4. For hard to find domain registrants, I have a background in private investigations so I also have a talent for tracking down hard to find registrants who may have abandoned their domain. I will make many attempts to locate hard-to-find registrants and will work diligently to acquire the target domain name(s) quickly and within the your budget.

5. I have personally completed more than $450,000 in domain transactions for my clients through alone. I have closed even more than that through direct bank wires, checks, swaps, leases and cash transactions.

Contact me today!



  or Call (508) 737-1654 for a free, no obligation consultation. All conversations and email exchanges are confidential. You can contact anyone from my testimonials page and/or I can give you plenty of names of well known domain industry Players who would be happy to be a reference.