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Selling to Advertisers

Sell your advertising space to direct advertisers

If you don't have the time, talent or fondness for research, screening and/or cold calling prospective direct advertisers for your domain or website, I offer a this selling-to-advertisers service for a fee. It is modified from my selling-to-end-users process.

This process can be used for advertising placement on your website or domain. I am able to solicit direct advertisers for undeveloped domains in such a way that direct advertisers will enjoy prominent placement and exclusivity where there ad is the only graphic and text on the landing page.

So, even though a domain may not be developed or get much traffic, it may be an attractive advertisement placement opportunity for them if it is very targeted to direct advertisers.

I can pitch them the opportunity to be the only "content" on your domain featuring a banner with introductory text or even a separate advertiser page that should be a very attractive proposition if the opportunity is priced right. Something like $100 a month for six months, giving them one free month for a total of $500.

Once you develop a relationship with the advertiser you may find that they want to purchase the domain, enter into a website development opportunity with you or even explore a working relationship in a new business.

Okay, enough with the introduction. Here's my process for finding direct advertisers.

Step 1: Study search engine placement of domain or website

I check domain position rank in Google, Yahoo and MSN Live search results to see if you domain or site has any search engine placement which I may then include in the pitch to the direct advertisers.

Step 2: Research cost-per-click advertising rates

I use a variety of tools to gauge the average cost per click or CPM rates a direct advertiser might expect to pay for the advertising placement opportunity you are offering.

Step 3: Direct advertiser screening phase

I now begin screening the prospective advertisers by visiting each website on the list and screening out the unqualified prospects. I also gather company management and contact information of the decision makers.  

This is a time consuming phase especially when large corporations are potential advertisers. Large corporate websites do not give out senior level decision maker contact information. So, when necessary, I will refer to the press releases and/or public whois information in order to guess email naming protocol so I can send an email directly to a senior level decision maker.

Step 4: Email pitch and cold calling direct advertising prospects

Send email proposal to qualified prospects including advertising placement type, location and rates.

Begin phone campaign to better identify decision makers and pitch the advertisement placement opportunity directly to the decision maker.

Follow up with phone calls and emails to interested parties and good prospects.

That's it. Simple, right? Well, it's a time consuming process but it can be very rewarding when you hook up with an advertiser that likes the opportunity. You may find that you have discovered a long term, mutually beneficial relationship.

Benefits of selling advertising vs. selling the domain

  • You don't sell the domain. Simple. You just rent to direct advertisers.
  • Most prospects understand the concept of advertising more than they do purchasing a domain name.
  • Getting a prospect to agree to an advertising campaign is easier than getting them to purchase a domain.
  • The decision makers for purchasing advertising are easier to identify and lower on the corporate ladder.
  • Even the receptionist understands the concept and benefits of purchasing advertising. He or she does not always understand the concept and benefits purchasing domains.

If you don't have the time, talent or desire to do this yourself?

For a limited time, I am offering my time and experimenting with a fee-per-hour business model at the rate of $50 per hour for this service.

Minimum purchase is four hours ($200) to be paid via paypal. I will give you an estimate of time needed to thoroughly research, pitch and follow up with potential direct advertisers per domain or website.

I will give you a full report of the qualified direct advertiser prospects along with contact information, dates and types of contact and other notes I make for the different prospects.

Are you interested to talk more about this service?

Please call me at 508 737 1654

Rob Sequin