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Travel Domain Newsletter Issue #2

by Rob Sequin
This newsletter offers travel domain related news and information, wanted and for sale sections.
All content is related to geodomains or travel related domains with keywords such as:
  • cruises
  • flights
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • tours
  • travel
  • trips
  • vacations
  • visit
I may cover geo + lawyer or geo + real estate etc keyword domains here. Invite someone to subscribe.


Please send me travel domain related news and information for posting here.


This is a periodic newsletter. I am trying to offer quality information,  not quantity of information.
1. Afternic sales as of April 24:  $2,088  $1,200  $5,200

2. Domain Name Wire regularly researches end user purchases and noted that Wyndham Hotels, which owns a chain called Night Hotels, bought for $1,500 at Sedo and that Vantage Deluxe World Travel bought for 12,000 EUR at Sedo.

7. Visit geo domain sales:  $186,000  8/1/2004  $70,000  2/1/2011  $25,000  7/16/2008  $10,500  4/12/2011  $10,100  1/25/2011  $5,100  10/8/2007  $4,300  3/25/2011  $3,523  3/16/2012  $3,500  3/20/2008  $3,200  4/6/2007  $2,850  2/9/2011  $2,640  2/7/2011  $2,600  5/5/2008  $2,500  9/21/2007  $2,200  3/26/2008  $2,100  2/20/2008  $1,800  10/9/2007  $1,750  11/4/2008  $1,550  7/27/2008  $1,500  1/24/2011  $1,490  11/28/2007  $1,400  1/8/2011  $1,200  1/27/2011  $1,000  2/26/2011
Please send me your wanted criteria and I will post here no charge or obligation.

1. I have a buyer for pure UK geo .com only town and city names. NO geo + keyword domains for this buyer.
2. I personally am actively buying good Cuba domains with age. Must be .com unless the domain is valuable otherwise. Probably not interested in any .net, .biz or .us extension. However, .org, .info and .tv are interesting to me. Absolutely no .mobi or .co domains please.

3. Clients wanted seeking a domain buyer broker. If you are looking to acquire any domain or simply have an interest in particular keyword or industry domains, let me know and I'll have a look around for you. See for more information.


I will post geodomain and travel related domains here. Please send GOOD to GREAT domains to for consideration.

1. for sale today only for $25k. If you are interested in this Visit geo domain, you know the previous sales history of other Visit geo domains. sold for $110,000 about one year ago.
This domain is not and will not be listed for sale anywhere else.
Fixed price. Not interested in offers for less than asking price. First come, first served, today only.
Thanks for reading.
Rob Sequin
(508) 737-1654