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Travel Domain News

Stay up to date with news related to travel, tourism and geodomains. Wanted to buy and for sale too.

I have been an active domain broker for many years. By far my most successful sales have been travel related domain names. So, I decided to start a newsletter for people who share my interest in travel related domains.

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Travel Domain News


When I find interesting news articles and blog posts related to travel, tourism and geodomains, I will send out a newsletter to subscribers.

Travel Domains For Sale and Wanted

If you want to buy or sell travel related domains, I only accept and offer domain names that are directly related to travel and tourism or are pure geodomains.

I do not accept crap domains and I do not offer crap domains. Please do not send me domains registered in the past few years and I do not accept .biz, .net, .me, .co, .cc etc. Mostly .com domains but I will consider .info, .org and .tv.

Please contact me by email ator call me at (508) 737-1654 if you are looking to buy or sell travel related domains.

Travel Domain Formats

I accept and offer domains with these formats:

  • Pure city, destination or geographic area domain name
  • Visit prefix domain name
  • Domains that contain words like travel, tourism, visit, hotels, guide etc.
  • I may accept and offer geo+industry domains like geo+lawyer or geo+restaurant type domains ONLY if they are .com and without a dash.


There is no cost or obligation for your subscription and I will never give out your email address or use it for any other reason than sending you the Travel Domain Newsletter.

About Me

I many Cape Cod related domain names, about 40 developed Cuba related websites and more than 2500 Cuba and Miami related domains, acted as domain buyer broker for, and others and as seller broker for,,, and many more. I sold my own for a very strong five figures. I love travel related domains!

Sign up for my newsletter if you love travel related domains too.

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