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Your Uncle in the Business

That's right. Now you can talk with a domain industry expert and get the answers and help you need to navigate a successful path in the domain industry. See How It Works below for more information.

Let me be your "uncle in the business".


You will get expert one-on-one advice from a domain industry expert. Don't waste your time and money guessing or with wrong or incomplete information.

Let me help you make good decisions and get the best results. Guaranteed.

Pay for my time only after we talk. If you don't like my advice, you don't have to pay. I have never had anyone not pay me for the phone consultation.


Help for New Domain Investors

Do you have newbie questions about the domain business?

Do you have questions about hand registrations, buying domains from private sellers or domain marketplaces?

Do you have questions about monetizing your domains?

Do you have questions about development, mini-sites and parking?

We can have a conversation and then I can review your portfolio and give you feedback on each domain with my opinion on its near future use. I will make suggestions such as let it drop, park it, make a mini-site, put up with buy it now price, send to auction, develop it etc.

I can help you.

Help for Domain Buyers

Are you looking to purchase geodomains, domain portfolios, traffic and revenue domains? Need to network your way in to industry Players?

Do you have a question about escrow, buying domains at auction or directly from a private owner? Need help with negotiations?

Are you looking for tools to research valuation or past sale prices?

I can help you.

Help for Domain Sellers

Are you looking for a broker to help you sell domains?

Are you looking for someone to tell you about the various auctions, secondary marketplaces and domain forums?

Did you get an offer for your domain and want some advice to help you get the most out of the sale?

Do you need help with domain portfolio management, parking keyword optimization and other time consuming tasks?

I can help you.

Help for Corporations

Do you have questions about Internet marketing?

Do you have questions about branding and domains?

Are you looking to buy a better domain for your company?

Do you need to know more about your competition's Internet marketing, search engine placement and list of domain names they own?

I can help you.

How It Works

Send me an email to give me an idea of how you would like me to help you. I will prepare and then we can agree on a time to talk.

Once I understand how I can help you and you agree to hire me as your domain industry expert, I bill at $120 per hour with a 30 minute minimum ($60). Trust me, you'll get your money's worth of advice and/or information to set you on the right path.

I will not waste your time on the phone. If I need to do research before answering your question or if you need me to work on something for you off the phone, I will give you an estimate as to the time required to get your questions answered or your situation resolved.


  • Domain monetization
  • Development
  • Parking
  • Hand registrations
  • Buying in the secondary market
  • Review of your portfolio
  • Strategic planning
  • State of the industry