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Domain Buyer Broker Purchase of geodomain

I had the good fortunate to have a client come to me a while back asking about geodomains. During many discussions back and forth, he was asking me good questions about geodomains, development and valuations and I was asking him questions about his financial qualifications, background, motivation and business plan.

We agreed to work together to actively pursue geodomains. is the second geodomain that I was able to buyer broker for him.

It is currently under development. Elliot Silver was kind enough to write up an article about the purchase from  my press release about several deals I recently closed for clients including a portfolio sale to H&R Block and the sale of several Caribbean related keyword domains for Rob Grant.

So, about the deal...

The owner of registered the domain in 1992. I had never worked with a domain that old so that was a treat. Without going into the details, the big story is that patience and persistence usually win out.

I first had some trouble identifying the owner of the domain and then when I did make contact, it was an associate. We made an offer, they countered and were initially too far away to meet on price.

The owner then decided to park the domain and put up a for sale link on it. A couple more contacts over several months and there was movement from both sides on price but still no sign of a deal.

Then, I get an email from the owner's associate with what I read to be movement in our direction.

I can't get into all the details but again, know that patience and persistence are your friends UNLESS you are chasing a hot domain. You always have to ask yourself "What is the cost of regret?" If you don't get the domain, will you regret it for the rest of your life.

As a seller, you should know that qualified and motivated buyers are VERY few and far between so don't kill good offers.