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Domain Consulting

I offer a variety of domain consulting services such as buyer broker, broker for hire and sales agent seeking direct advertisers for your domain name or website.

I am available to talk with you about all things related to domains.

  • Domain Broker
    Rob Sequin offers domain broker services to individuals, investors and corporations looking to sell their domain names.
  • Pro-Active Domain Marketing Service
    I offer my pro-active domain marketing service to domain owners who are seeking a domain broker to help them market their domain names for sale to end users.
  • Domain Consulting, Monetization and Portfolio Management =
    Domain registrant services like domain buyer broker, domain portfolio management, pro-active domain selling, revenue optimization and more.
  • Selling your ad placement opportunities to direct advertisers
    As a variation of my selling-to-end-users process, I have developed my selling-to-advertisers process that first identifies qualified direct advertisers followed by work to contact all potential direct advertisers in order to present them with the opportunity for advertisement placement on your site.
  • Selling Domain Names to End Users
    This page goes into detail about how to find prospects for domain sales, screen them into qualified leads, identify decision makers then cold calling the prospects at target companies in order to sell your domain name to end users.

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