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Pro-Active Domain Marketing Service

A flat fee (no commission) pro-active domain marketing service



If you don't have the time, talent or fondness for research, screening and/or cold calling of prospective end user buyers for your domain, let me do it all for you.

I will pro-actively market your domain for sale using my exclusive Selling To End Users process. You set the price, terms, strategy and even write the pitch if you like and let me do the grunt work. Then, I refer any interested prospects to you so you can deal directly with them to close the deal.

This type of service is similar to taking out an advertisement in a newspaper but I go out and find the prospective buyers and contact them about your opportunity.

How it works

I ask clients and prospective clients to send me their list of domains for sale along with asking prices and bottom line prices so I can review and prioritize the list of domains being consider for sales to end users. I then do some standard research and reply with my opinion of the strongest candidates that have the highest potential for a sale.

My selections depend upon the domain, the industry, advertiser competition, pay per click rates, my experience, the asking price and several other factors. The client and I then agree on a prioritized list of domains for sale with asking and bottom line prices. We will also discuss the current and best use for each domain and traffic and revenue if necessary.

The prioritized list of domains (or single domain) are added to the queue and scheduled for a set date so my client knows exactly when I will be pro-actively marketing the domains for sale. The client will receive a thorough report featuring my domain research, qualified prospect list and all my contact notes with each prospective buyer.

This is a pay as you go service. I ask for payment up front per domain so the client can regulate my work.

There is no obligation, no contract, no commitment and no commission.

Pricing for Pro-Active Marketing Services

No contract or domain broker exclusivity is required for my pro-active domain marketing service featuring my exclusive Selling To End Users process.

Level 1 domain - If your asking price range is $1,000 to $5,000

For niche industry and small business prospects, I spend 3 - 5 hours for this ten step, pro-active domain sales process.

My flat fee for marketing Level 1 domains for sale is $250.

Level 2 domain - If your asking price range is $5,000 to $50,000

For medium sized industry and mid sized business prospects, I expect to spend 6 - 10 hours per domain.

My flat fee for marketing Level 2 domains for sale is $500.

Level 3 domain - If your asking price range is $50,000 and up

For larger industry, "category killer" generic domains with sales geared towards large corporate end users, I expect to spend 10 - 20 hours per domain.

My flat fee for marketing Level 3 domains for sale is $1000.

NOTE: I allow for discussion with the client with regards to Level selection and I offer some flexibility on pricing for quantity orders and retainer payments.

For VERY select domains in Level 3 including geo domains and domain names with reliable traffic and revenue, I would consider brokering a sale on commission.

Progress Reports

If/when I find an interested prospect, I will notify the client and he/she can decide who will further engage the potential buyer in a negotiation process. I am quite capable to close any sale and oversee the transfer of ownership. The extra work would require a small extra fee to be negotiated.

In addition to my pro-active domain selling process to end users, I will also (with approval of the client) notify my network of domain investors and post to domain forums to further increase the likelihood of a sale when necessary.

Domain Broker Guarantee and Client Confidentiality

Of course I cannot guarantee a sale of any domain but my process and expertise will greatly increase the likelihood of a sale. I do guarantee to put the opportunity in front of all related end user decision makers that I can identify and I provide a full report to my client in a timely manner. 

I also guarantee that I will not offer to personally purchase any domain my client discusses with me and if I put any for sale in front of a potential buyer where there is a potential conflict of interest, I will notify my client beforehand. I am happy to provide a domain name broker contract upon request or would be willing to sign one produced from my client.

All my client names, conversations, emails and sales are confidential.


Why should I invest my money in this pro-active marketing service?

I have many years of experience in this industry and have been pro-actively marketing my own domains for sale to end users. I take my clients' investment in my time very seriously and I work hard for client sales and to gain their trust and repeat business. 

Do I get my money back if you don't sell my domain?

The short answer is no. It's not easy to sell most domains on commission so this type of pro-active marketing to end users is necessary to find buyers.

Compare your investment to buying an advertisement in a newspaper. You pay for the services of the newspaper. They don't work on commission. Simple as that.

With all that said, I work with clients and help them select the best domain candidates most likely to sell. It is in our best interest to select the domains with the best opportunity for a sale. I do not need to waste your money and my time on domains that have little chance of selling to end users.

Thank You

Call me or send me an email and let's see if this service is right for you. If it's not, I'll be the first one to tell you. Most domains are not suited for sales to end users.

Check out the other pages on this site for more information about my connection to the domain industry and read more about me.