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Registrant Services

Domain Sales and Monetization Services

Proactive Domain Sales

If you are looking for a domain sales broker, my proprietary ten point, pro-active Selling To End Users domain sales process encompasses end user prospect research, harvesting, screening and cold calling all designed to sell domains to end users who generally pay retail prices for domain names.


Finding Direct Advertisers

This same Selling To End Users process can also be used to identify and solicit direct advertisers for clients who are offering targeted advertising placement opportunities. Instead of pitching the sale of a domain to screened prospects, I simply pitch the advertising placement opportunity for the developed website instead of pitching a sale of the domain name. This is a good process if you are looking to outsource your advertising sales department.

Domain Monetization Review (Parking, Mini-sites and Development)

I have worked with all of the companies listed below so I know the pros and cons and best applications for each one. I have been through the learning curve of the various user interfaces and have good contacts at most companies. Let me help you compare and select the revenue opportunity that best fits your business model and goals.

  • Adbrite for website ads
  • Adsense for Domains
  • Amazon affiliate marketing
  • CafePress affiliate marketing
  • Commission Junction for domain forwarding revenue and web site ads
  • for parking/mini-site and SE placement
  • Direct Advertisers for forwarding, leasing and web site ads
  • for parking
  • Ebay Partner Network for domain forwarding revenue and web site ads
  • Ebay for merchandise sales
  • for minisites
  • Google Adsense for website ads
  • Kontera for in content contextual ads on websites
  • for parking and SE placement
  • TrafficZ for parking
  • for parking/mini-site and SE placement
  • Xsitepro website development
  • Yahoo Publisher Network for website ads

Domain Acquisition Services

Domain Buyer Broker

Refer to our Domain Buyer Broker page for more information on this service. I offer domain acquisition services for corporate and individual buyers who wish to remain anonymous, have little experience purchasing domains or simply do not have the time, industry contacts or negotiation skills needed to acquire desired domain names.

I also offer keyword domain "picker services" meaning that if a client is always seeking to acquire domains containing certain keywords, I will be on the lookout and present my client with opportunities of interest as I find them.

Domain Drop Catching - Scanning, Acquisitions and Management

Tired of scanning all the drops and screening them based on your personal criteria? Well, let me do the grunt work for you. I will scan the drop lists from Namejet, Snapnames, TDNAM and others as needed for potential acquisition targets based on the client's criteria and submit reports as opportunities arise. Under the client's direction, I will submit domain drop backorders, enter auction bids when needed then verify acquisition of domain, registrar and whois information along with eligible transfer dates in order to make the hassle of drop catching a bit less maddening for my clients.

Miscellaneous Domain Consulting Services

Domain Portfolio Management

When a client has hundreds or thousands of domains and needs to manage the numerous registrars, whois information, nameservers, etc., I will manage all aspects of domain ownership for each client as directed. This service can include registrar consolidation, domain categorization, expiration and whois review and much more using a variety of systems like DNZoom, Watch My Domains Pro, Microsoft Excel and Access.

If you have ever transferred more than a few domains at one time from several different registrars, you know how time consuming and frustrating it can be to look up all your user names and passwords, get the authorization codes then wait days for the transfers in to arrive.

Let me work on these menial tasks for you.

Search Engine Placement Review

I will rank check placement of your domain names and websites in Google, Yahoo and Live then suggest a variety of development options like adding unique content to parked pages, mini-site development and SEO.

Domain Name Valuation Services

This is always a challenge since the valuation is not really set until a domain is sold. However, I can offer domain valuation services based my experience in the industry, consultation with my associates in the industry, sale reporting sources etc. I am not a licensed appraiser but will recommend services upon request.

Niche Content

When a client needs unique niche content for a website or newsletter, I will identify and research content sources to find authors, public domain content, eBay auction listings, scanned content from old print media, RSS feeds and other content sources then present a comprehensive report to include availability, frequency, pricing and more.

Inquiry Maintenance

Tired of getting too many requests for domain sale prices or low offers? When a client is overwhelmed with price requests and low offers, I can screen the interested parties, gather more information about their interest and background, qualify them then report back to the client.

Project Management

When a client is developing a number of domains or involved with a large project or numerous projects, I will oversee the project(s) in order to monitor development, deadlines, milestones, usability, functionality, payments and other details on behalf of my client. This service is valuable to clients when they do not have the time to manage the daily details and simply want progress reports and to be consulted on executive level decisions. However, I do not offer design or coding project management services.

Product and Service Naming

When a client needs to acquire domain names relevant to a keyword, brand, theme or industry, I will research the relevant keywords and produce a list of relevant domain names available for registration and a list of domain names that may be candidates for acquisition in the secondary market that fit within a client's budget.

Why hire me for these specialized services?

I have done all of the above for myself or others for many years so I am very qualified to offer these services. If I feel that I cannot offer a particular solution or service, I will refer you to someone that would be able to do a better job for you.

Since I have spent many years in the domain industry, I have development a deep and broad knowledge of the many aspects of domain ownership, management, sales and revenue optimization. I have been through the learning curve and know what works and what is just a waste of time.

Let me do the specialty and grunt work so your can focus on development, monetization and other more important projects. Please visit the About Me page for more information on my background.

The above services vary in price. Please contact me so I can understand your challenges and goals and then see if my experience, talents, network of contacts and solutions are a good match for you.