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This page features High definition terms, video content searching, satellite imaging, video uploading and wireless video domain names offered for development, investment or marketing via redirection of traffic to an existing web site.

Blogging has exploded and video is now a daily part of our online lives. Videoblogging via mobile phones will soon entertain millions with quick downloads from videoblog related web sites. Do you have one?

Players in this industry are Steve Garfield,, and our own

Developers, Videoblographers and publishers should consider buying Videoblog domain names because the video cameras are in the hands of the critical mass, the pipe is wide and coming to a home near you. Get ready for the videoblog explosion! You’ll never want to watch network television again.

Videophones are hardwired in the home or office but also the next generation of mobile phones. Welcome to the largest portfolio of Videophone domain names on the market today. Domain names are priced separately but we are willing to talk about a portfolio sale.

With players like Vialta, Visifone, Packet8 and Motorola’s Ojo phone and technologies like videoconferencing and instant messaging video streams, investors, developers, corporations and publishers should consider buying Videophone domain names because the wave of video is upon us and owning some great domains will make you a real player in this new billion dollar industry.

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