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Domain Names Shown in Superbowl Advertisements

 Listing of domains shown in Superbowl ads in the past

I have carefully reviewed all the television commercials shown in the Superbowl and inspected each one very carefully to find the domain name used by the advertiser. Below are the results of this review.

Listings are sorted by company or by domain and sorted into categories.

Web Based Businesses

  5. (two different ads)
  7. and

Note: It was nice to see nine web based companies buying ten commercials but I expected a few more. 

How about $3million to advertise this company? Wow. I guess there is "gold" in tv advertising. 

Consumer Products and Services

DOMAIN SHAME means the commercial did not show the domain name of the company.


Audi DOMAIN SHAME (two ads)

Budweiser (seven different ads) DOMAIN SHAME

Coca Cola (two different ads) DOMAIN SHAME

Denny's DOMAIN SHAME (GE) (two ads) (Castrol oil) (Gatorade)

Pedigree (dog adoption drive) DOMAIN SHAME
Pepsi (Pepsuber) DOMAIN SHAME (Pepsi) (two ads) (Doritos) (two ads) SoBe (two ads)

Taco Bell DOMAIN SHAME (trucks)
Toyota (Venza) DOMAIN SHAME

Notes: The biggest shame goes to Budweiser for not mentioning any domain in any of their seven different advertisements. This might be due to the fact that access is denied to people younger than 18 or 21 but if they are marketing their product to people under 18 or 21 then they should also be marketing their website.

Also interesting that there were no Miller Lite or other beer commercials. No Dr. Pepper ads and no Verizon or att wireless ads.

How about no, just I wonder what the business relationship is between SnackStrongProductions and Pepsi.

FYI, Pepsi was by far the largest advertiser across the Superbowl. They own the following brands:

  • Cheetos (owned by Frito Lay which is owned by Pepsi)
  • Gatorade
  • Doritos (owned by Frito Lay which is owned by Pepsi)
  • SoBe
  • Taco Bell

Entertainment (UP movie) (logo .com only, no letters) twice 


Notes: Lots of commercials promoting upcoming movies and entertainment as expected.

Bricks and Mortar

Note: Rather telling about the sad state of the economy. No Best Buy, no Sears or any retail at all for that matter. Looks like the economy is okay for online businesses, consumer products and entertainment though.

Wrap up: All domains were .com with the exception of two movies used the .net extension.

See our Creative Domain Marketing page for more examples of national brands using non-brand domain names in national advertising campaigns.