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Buy it now prices are listed below. Sale subject to confirmation of availability. INQUIRE Airica - Sounds like Erica but great for wireless... of the air or from the air... Airica INQUIRE Airotica - Sounds like Erotica, wireless erotica? INQUIRE Humanodes - Human nodes $995 Mesh dot mobi $995 Mesh Blog INQUIRE Penetray  UWB can see through walls and ground. Think about using this component of the word "penetrate" as a brand name. INQUIRE Silent Track SOLD Sky Tie INQUIRE Sky Ties

Ultrawideband.NET $1500 Ultrawideband dot net INQUIRE UWB dot net $1995 UWBand

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Wireless Domain Names Sold SOLD Buy .mobi Domains SOLD SOLD Prepayd - Potential brand name for prepaid cell phone service SOLD PUWB sounds like Pub. "Come to the PUWB. Your neighborhood UWB wireless hotspot." SOLD RFIDendity SOLD to Tzero  UWB blog  SOLD  WiFi Location - Find WiFi hotspots  SOLD  Wired Boost BRAND  SOLD  Wireless Blog  SOLD  Wireless Blogs  SOLD  Wireless Help SOLD Wowlan

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Wireless internet, mobile computing, handhelds, Smartphones, RFID, GPS, in-vehicle navigation, UWB and VoWLAN are just some of the industries that fall under the “Wireless” umbrella. We offer a wide variety of wireless related domain names that can be used to launch companies, brands, products and services.

Ultrawideband aka "UWB" will replace Bluetooth technology and eventually replace many cables connecting home entertainment components and office electronics like DVD players, DVRs, video game consoles, HDTVs, printers, scanners and more. Ultrawideband technology can also be used for ground and wall penetrating radar to find disaster victims and ground penetrating radar to find landmines and even buried treasure. Eventually video, data and voice will travel over UWB.

Most of all these domains listed below are potential BRAND NAMES for UWB and Wireless products or services. We have also suggested some slogans to go with the potential brand names.

Investors, developers, corporations and publishers should consider buying UWB Wireless related domain names because so many different technologies, applications and end users fall into wireless.

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