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Buy it now prices are listed below. Sale subject to confirmation of availability. $995 Handheld Blog $995 Handheld Business $1295 Handheld Gear $2995 New Smartphones

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This Handheld and Smartphone categories page features a variety of domain names for sale across the wireless Internet and mobile computing industries. Handheld domains can apply to smartphones, tablet PCs, PDAs, iPods, Danger sidekicks, mobile gaming devices and more yet are not restricted to any one device or operating system. Handheld is a nice, broad technology term and not specific like PDA or TabletPC.

Smartphones are simply iPhones and wannabe iPhones that have operating systems that are smarter than just a regular cell phone that only has the ability to make phone calls.

Build a web site for mobile computing, commerce, games and general entertainment on any one of our great smart phone domains for sale. With the launch of the .mobi domain name extension, developers will be looking for mobile related domain names. Be sure to see our Wireless domains for sale page for more choices.

Players in this industry are Opera for Mobile, Yahoo Mobile, Windows Mobile,, PalmGear,, PDAbuzz and Handheld Computing Magazine.

Investors, developers, corporations and publishers should consider buying Handheld and Smartphone domain names because this term encapsulates industries and devices like handheld, mobile phone, cell phone, camera phone, video camera phone, video game phones and music phones. The Internet is increasingly becoming always-on, device agnostic and “in-the-air”… or handheld.

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